Thailand Jewellery Styles At Naka Weekend Market

Jul 3, 2023 | Discover

There's more to Naka Weekend Market than lots of amazing food stalls, we also have some fantastic jewellery available.
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What Kind Of Jewellery Can I Buy At Naka Weekend Market?

One of the best things about visiting a foreign country is the different styles and fashions that you wouldn’t normally see in your own country, and one of the coolest accessories is the jewellery because of the Thailand Jewellery Styles. The Land of Smiles is famous for it’s Thai Gold and it’s not uncommon to see a lot of the locals wearing at least one piece.

If you’re looking for alternatives to Thai gold and still want to wear and take home something stylish then take a look through the jewellery stores in Naka Weekend Market. Here’s a few of the great pieces available:

Silver encrusted rings for sale at Naka Weekend Market

Silver Encrusted Rings

It’s not just about Thai Gold, there’s also a lot of silver in Thailand too. We have some truly beautiful Silver rings available in all sizes that aren’t as expensive as the Gold ones, but still look amazing. A lot of them come encrusted with gemstones, each with various meanings or simply native stones to Thailand. They make a great gift for friends and family at home, or as a keepsake to remember your time here.

Pearl necklaces for sale at Naka Weekend Market

Pearl Necklaces

Thailand is famous for it’s love of all things Sea related, especially the food. Thai Pearl jewellery looks great with any outfit and they come in a variety of colours. For any one that loves the ocean, a pearl necklace from Naka Weekend Market could be the right accessory for you.

Silver and Beaded jewellery for sale at Naka Weekend Market

Silver And Beaded Bracelets

Another common jewellery piece you’ll see in Thailand are bracelets. These often range from Gold, Silver, Bead and String (usually from a Temple). It’s a simple fashion accessory that’s not too overstated but still looks great. Naka Weekend Market has various stalls selling these and they often come with a combination of Silver and Beads.

Thailand inspired jewellery at Naka Weekend Market

Thailand Inspired Jewellery

As well as the great pieces above, there are many pieces other pieces of jewellery with a Thailand style. These include lockets, chains, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more. You can always something at Naka Weekend Market to wear that will give you a lasting memory of your time here, the places you visited and the people you have met.

So when you visit us at Naka Weekend Market next time, make sure you take a look through the many jewellery stalls as you enjoy the great street food. Don’t forget to try and haggle for better prices and to have a bit of fun!


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