What Should You Bring To A Night Market?

Sep 29, 2023 | Discover

What are some handy items to bring with you to a night market? Here's our top tips.
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What Items Should You Bring To Naka Weekend Market?

If you’re planning to come to Naka Weekend Market, there is a high chance of leaving with at least a few bargains. It could be a new outfit, house decorations, souvenirs for friends and family, or even a tonne of food to snack on later. But what should you bring to Naka Weekend Market to make your stay more enjoyable?

Here’s our list of important items to bring with you, when you’re planning on shopping at any night market in Thailand.

What should you bring to Naka Weekend Market? - Night Market Tips

Make Sure You’re Hydrated

Thailand is a hot country pretty much all year round, even when it rains it’s still warm. It’s always a good idea to carry a bottle of water with you when you’re on the move, and as Naka Weekend Market is so large, you’ll likely be there for a fair few hours.

We havelots of food and drink stalls available for you to try out at Naka Weekend Market. If you get thirsty, you can enjoy smoothies, teas, coffees, beer, shakes and more, but carrying water is still a good idea.

Bring A Rucksack Or Bag

If you’re a shop-a-holic and can’t resist a bargain, bringing your own bag or rucksack should be high on your list. Sometimes carrying around plastic bags can be a pain on your fingers if you’ve bought too much or the items are heavy. Using something like a rucksack or a shoulder bag will make carrying your purchase much easier.

Try Using A Currency Calculator

Having a currency calculator app on your phone can really help when buying items at any night market. You’ll always have a rough idea of how much things will cost in your home country, and normally you’d expect things to be slightly cheaper here. It also helps you to budget correctly and not overspend, which is easily done, when you see how many amazing items we have for sale at Naka Weekend Market.

Google Translate

A translator app is always handy when travelling abroad and can be used in many situations, especially in a night market. You can use it to ask how much things are, whether or not you can get a discount, what type of food is in a dish, and so on.

If Thai or English isn’t your native language, you should definitely try a translator app if you’re struggling. It’s worth noting that the Google Translate from English to Thai isn’t word perfect, but if you keep your questions simple, they will be to read and understand.

Comfortable Clothing

Naka Weekend Market is a large place to explore and if its your first time and you want to visit all of our zones, it will take some time. Wearing comfortable clothing will make your experience much more enjoyable, this includes appropriate footwear and clothing that agrees with the climate of the day.

It’s usually either hot or humid in Thailand, making lightweight clothing the obvious choice. During the rainy season, packing something thats waterproof is a great idea. You can buy raincoats from 7/11 which fit all and are very cheap.


Our last tip when visiting Naka Weekend Market, or any night market in Thailand, is to take cash. It is easy to use banking apps and most people will accept a transfer but with cash you wont be affected if your phone runs out of battery or if you cannot get an internet connection.

Its always a good to carry plenty of smaller denominations also, 20b, 50b and 100b notes. This will save you some time and also help out the vendors when you’re making purchases.

We hope these tips help you to enjoy Naka Weekend Market or any other night market that you visit during your time in Thailand.

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