What Can You Eat At Naka Weekend Market?

Jun 23, 2023 | Discover

Don't miss out on all the amazing food at Naka Weekend Market with our mini guide.
Phuket's Naka Market Food

A Mini Guide To Naka Weekend Market Food

It’s certainly no secret that one of the most fantastic things about Thailand is the food. The streets of Thailand famously feature many different kinds of street carts selling their delicacies, but if you’re a stranger to Thai food, its tastes and its smell, then it might be daunting to try.

Naka Weekend Market has so many great food stalls, that you’ll have no problem finding your new favourite Thai food or snack. Here are a few of our favourite “must-haves” to try out while you’re here.

Families love the food at Naka Weekend Market

Thai Fried Chicken: Gai Tod

Don’t be fooled by its simple appearance due to the way it’s cooked, Gai Tod doesn’t taste like the chicken you might be used too. Cooked in a mixture of oil and shallots gives it a great texture without a greasy sensation. Gai Tod is a common snack in Thailand and one you should definitely try at Naka Weeekend Market.

Flat Noodles, Stir-Fried with a Soy Sauce: Pad See Ew

Known as more of a comfort food, the Pad See Ew is made using wide rice noodles, stir fried with meat and broccoli or cabbage and finished off by adding soy sauce. It’s a pefect dish for travellers as it’s not usually served spicy but still has an amazing taste. It can be kicked up a notch with vinegar or dried chili flakes.

Thai-Style Fried Noodles: Pad Thai

One of the most common dishes available across Thailand is Pad Thai. It has a sweet and spicy taste which isn’t too heavy for a first-timer. Often it’s accompanied by chicken or shrimp and is garnished with lime juice, palm sugar, tamarind and chillies for that extra kick. All are served on a base of egg noodles with fried peanuts. A lovely dish to try out!!

Thai Spring Rolls: Poh Pia Tod

You can find some very tasty spring rolls in the food stalls of Naka Weekend Market. They come packed with a variety of different fillings, which is great for both meat eaters and vegetarians. It’s a great treat to grab and eat on the go. Give them a dip in chilli sauce to get your taste buds flowin

Fried Insects: Ma Laeng Tod

Now this snack is definitely for the more adventurous! Fried Insect is common as a snack in Thailand and can be found all over the country. There are so many insects to choose from and they’re not just fried in oil. They’ll come properly grilled with seasonings such as kaffir lime, salt, pepper and chillies. A great snack and an even better photo opportunity.

Pancakes: Thai Roti

Loved by kids and adults alike, the Roti is the perfect sweet treat to have. There’s a variety of sweet and savory toppings you can enjoy with it including bananas, condensed milk, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, almonds, caramel and so on. Have it with no egg for a crunchie texture or with an egg for a fluffy sensation. Yummy!

Coconut Ice Cream

If you’re starting to feel the heat and want to cool down a little, try a bowl of Coconut Ice cream. It’s one of the most refreshing snacks to grab and, unlike its western counterpart, Thai Coconut Ice Cream isn’t crammed full of dairy products. The perfect coconut ice cream will be made of coconut milk, coconut water, white sugar and palm sugar, allowing it to have a perfect creamy texture.

This is just some of the great food you can try at Naka Weekend Market, so take your time and enjoy sampling all of these tasty treats throughout your visit.

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