The Best Way To Get To Naka Weekend Market

Aug 4, 2023 | Discover

You can travel to Naka Weekend Market by Tuk Tuk, Taxi, Car or Bike, but what's the best way and how long does it take?
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What’s The Easiest Way To Get To Naka Weekend Market?

As Naka Weekend Market is closer to Phuket Town than the more tourist filled areas, we’re often asked what’s the best way to get to Naka Weekend Market?

Visiting Naka Weekend Market is very easy with the correct transport. So what are your options?

Getting to Naka Weekend Market by Tuk Tuk

Come By Tuk Tuk or Taxi

A Tuk Tuk or Taxi is probably the easiest option, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. Almost every Tuk Tuk or Taxi in Phuket will know where Naka Weekend Market is and can drop you off and pick you up for a reasonable price. This also means you can do lots of shopping, with the ability to bring it back to your accommodation!

Travel to Naka Weekend Market By Car

Come By Car

Bringing a car has many advantages as you can arrive and leave at your own leisure, and have plenty of room for shopping bags. You also won’t need to worry about the weather, which is a plus in the rainy seasons. Car parking is available at Naka Weekend Market, but parking is limited during peak hours.

Travel to Naka Weekend Market by Motorbike

Come By Bike

The favoured mode of transport for most people in Phuket is the Motorbike, and 1000’s of people ride over to us every weekend. We have plenty of bike parking on-site, with plenty of spaces in the surrounding side streets. This might limit you to the amount you carry, and there is always the chance of getting wet in the rainy season.

How Long Will It Take?

Naka Weekend Market is in a good location, nestled between the tourist areas, so the travel times aren’t too long, depending on your starting location. Here are some examples:

Phuket Town: 3 km / 5 minutes
Patong Beach: 15 km / 25 minutes
Rawai Beach: 15 km / 25 minutes
Kata Beach: 16 km / 35 minutes
Surin Beach: 23 km / 45 minutes
Bang Tao Beach: 24 km / 45 minutes
Phuket International Airport: 34 km / 50 minutes

See you this weekend at Naka Weekend Market.

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