Thai Shopping Phrases To Use

Aug 31, 2023 | Discover

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Learn Some Thai Shopping Phrases To Use At Naka Night Market

Shopping in Thailand markets can be a lot of fun, even more so if you can learn a few simple phrases to help you communicate better during the haggling stage. Try out some of these phrases when you are shopping at Naka Weekend Market and maybe you’ll be able to get a great bargain!

Learn some Thai phrases to make shopping at Night Markets much easier

Say It With A Smile

The Thai language is a very phonetical language, so you may struggle with some pronunciation of certain words but it never hurts to try, so give it a go with a smile on your face. It’s considered polite in Thai culture to finish sentences with Ka (Kaa) if female, or Krap (Khraapb) if male, so give that a try also.

Simple Shopping Phrases

Can you give me a discount? – Lód-nòi-dâi-mái
Can you give me a little more discount? – Lód-eèk-nòi-dâi-mái
How much? – Tâo-rài
Very cheap – Toòk-maâk
A little expensive – Paeng-bpai-nòi
It’s very expensive – Paeng-maâk
What is it called? – Riâk-wâa-àrai
I want to have a look first Kŏr-doo-gàwn
Do you have? Mee mái
What colours do you have? – Mee-sĕe-àrai-baâng
Do you have size? – Mee-ber / Size XX mái
Can I try it on? – Lawng-sài-dâi mái
Does it fit well? – Sài-por-dee-mái
A little tight – Káp-bpai-nòi
A little loose – Lŭam-bpai-nòi
A little too big – Yài-bpai-nòi
I’ll take this one – Ao-dtua-née
Do you have a new one – Mee-dtua-mài-mái
Do you have any promotions – Tawn-neé-mee-pro-mo-chân-àrai-baâng
Do you take credit cards – Ráp-bùt-cre-dìt-mái
Thank you very much – Kàwb-kun-maâk

Next time you’re at Naka Weekend Market and exploring everything our night market has to offer, try out some of these shopping phrases.

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