Naka Weekend Market Is A Paradise For Shoppers

Jul 27, 2023 | Discover

Want to try shopping in Phuket? Then Naka Weekend Market should be top of your list of places to visit!
Phuket's Naka Market Food

Naka Weekend Market Is One Of Phuket’s Best Places To Shop

Phuket is an amazing place to visit with so many tourist attractions. For visitors that love shopping and grabbing some bargains, shopping in Phuket is fantastic and Naka Weekend Market is a must visit place.

Located close to Phuket Town, Naka Weekend Market is the perfect location for shopping and exploration. It’s far enough away from the main tourist areas like Patong so that you get to experience how Phuket really was before the tourist booms. There’s lots of stunning architecture and small winding roads to explore.

Anyone looking to experience a part of real Thailand and want to try their hand at shopping in Phuket, Naka Weekend Market should be high on your list. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner to Thai markets or a seasoned haggler ready for a new challenge, you won’t be able to leave Naka Weekend Market without something catching your eye.

Naka Weekend Market is easy to get around

The Market Is Easy To Navigate

For some, a market the size of Naka would be daunting, especially if it was your first time here, but because of the layout design, navigating your way through the food, shopping and entertainment areas is so easy.

The stalls are placed together with purpose, meaning you won’t miss out on great bargains.

Naka Is Open At The Best Time Of The Day

Thailand is known for humid temperatures, blazing hot days, and torrential rain storms. Many parts of the day can be uncomfortable, depending on how much you love the heat, but Naka Weekend Market opens at the perfect time. Because of our late afternoon opening, you will miss most of the hot temperatures and can enjoy the market without overheating.

We’re open from 4pm until 10pm, every Saturday & Sunday evening.

A Few Tips To Get The Most From Naka Weekend Market

It’s always best to arrive as early as possible so that you can enjoy the market and everything it has to offer. We’re a big market with lots of food, shopping and entertainment to enjoy, don’t miss out.

Taking cash, especially small denominations, is always a good idea. Not every stall will accept a credit card or bank transfer, so carrying cash could save you time and hassle.

Try your hand at haggling when you’re out bargain-hunting. While the food stalls will have set prices, the clothing, arts and jewellery stalls usually have a bit of room to breathe when it comes to prices.

Wearing comfortable clothes is always a great idea as it does, on occasion, become hot under the markets covering.

Join us this weekend at Naka Weekend Market and enjoy a day of shopping, relaxing, eating and exploration.

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