Food Meets Fashion

Jan 16, 2024 | Discover

Naka Weekend Market is the place in Phuket where food meets fashion in a colourful and tasty explosion.
Phuket's Naka Market Food

One of the many great things that Thailand is known for is the vibrant street and the busy night markets. It’s in these bustling hubs that you will find not only a plethora of tasty culinary treats but also the latest Thailand fashions and styles.

So where can you indulge in this mix of Street Food & Fashion? Naka Weekend Market! Here you will get to enjoy a wide range of aromatic smells from the various Thai streetfood stalls and pack your wardrobe with the latest Thai fashions and styles.

Naka Weekend Market Food Experience

The Naka Weekend Market Food

Food & Drink

Explore the many stalls of Naka Weekend Market or the Naka Food Center and embark on your food journey. Each of these colourful dishes are bursting with flavour and aromatic spices. Your taste buds will be tantalised as you enjoy your favourite snacks. It’s the perfect opportuinity to grab a bite to eat and take a slow stroll through the fashion area.

Naka Weekend Market Fashion Stalls

The Naka Weekend Market Fashion

Fashion & Accessories

As you begin your journey through the many Thai fashion stores and shops at Naka Weekend Market, you’ll notice a lot of vibrant colours and designs, which is common in Thai fashion. It’s easy to make the connection between the colourful food and clothing. Does the food inspire the fashion or is it the other way around? Either way you are left with some amazing looking clothing and food.

The Fashion & Food Challenge

Take a walk through Naka Weekend Market and pick up your favourite snack or dish. Take a good look at the colouring and then try and find an outfit that matches the colours. It’s a fun way to enjoy your time at Naka Market and we’d love to see your outfits.

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